How NFTs should be used in traditional NFT games
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How NFTs should be used in traditional NFT games

When it comes to nft games, game producers should always put the player first. Many companies have been hurrying to create “metaverse” and nft games as a result of its tremendous success, concentrating more on flashy buzzwords and poorly developed blockchain-based gameplay components.

It’s like putting the cart before the horse: instead of constructing a game and adding NFT capabilities, some companies are creating NFTs and attempting to create nft games around them.

There are better methods to include NFTs into games, including the following five suggestions:

1. Make your game free to play.

Free-to-play nft games models lower the barrier to entry for gamers significantly, and at the very least do not need users to acquire pricey NFTs in order to play.

Cosmetic goods may be the finest use for in-game NFTs. Players have spent $50 million on just one set of Fortnite skins, which is how the popular Battle Royale game Fortnite earns money.

Players shouldn’t feel limited while playing a game, which is why sticking to cosmetics is one of the finest methods to incorporate NFTs into conventional nft games, since cosmetics have no function other than to make players stand out aesthetically.

2. Distribute NFTs to players through airdrop

Game producers may award players with NFTs of varied rarity as a reward for achieving a specific level, fulfilling certain tasks, or participating in an event (Christmas, Halloween, etc.)

These airdrops may promote player engagement and loyalty, and if users get certain uncommon drops, game producers may profit from the exchange of those rare NFTs (due to trading fees or built-in royalty fees).

3. Use competitions to increase participation.

With over 474 million people tuning in to watch gamers play, esports is one of the most popular nft games businesses. Tournaments with unusual NFT skin awards may be created by game creators.

Tournaments may also have a wagering element, such as participants staking NFTs to join a tournament or fight, with the winner getting all of the staked NFTs from the losers.

4. Create an online marketplace

Game creators may create a marketplace where players can simply trade their NFT skins, which will assist to increase engagement and provide an extra income stream thanks to trading fees and exclusive NFT releases.

5. Make a wallet or add connectors to existing wallets.

Finally, having built-in connections for popular NFT wallets or an in-house wallet to make managing, trading, buying, and selling NFTs easy for gamers.

How NFTs should be used in traditional NFT games

The 5 Best National Football League Games to Play in 2022

Five of the most exciting new NFT initiatives destined to disrupt the nft games industry are listed below:

  • Silks – Best Overall P2E Game for 2022 
  • Decentraland – P2E Metaverse Game with Massive Potential 
  • Chosen Ones – Upcoming Auto-Battler Game with P2E Elements 
  • Gods Unchained – Free-to-Play P2E Trading Card Game 
  • The Sandbox – Voxel-Based NFT Game with Limitless Customizability

A Closer Look at the Best Crypto Games to Earn Money

Let’s take a closer look at each of these projects separately now that you know what the greatest NFTs for 2022 are:

Silks – Best Overall P2E Game in 2022

Silks is at the top of our list of future nft games. Silks seems to be one of the greatest play-to-earn crypto games to debut this year, allowing players to profit from an interesting relationship between the real world and the metaverse. The Silks metaverse will provide a unique link to the thrilling world of thoroughbred horse racing, replete with a variety of engaging P2E nft games aspects.

Silks gamers will be able to own digital horses that are closely linked to real-world race horses thanks to this tie-in with the thoroughbred horse racing business. Silks will guarantee that each digital Silks horse has the same features as its real-world counterpart by using massive databases collecting information on bloodlines, racing records, and development history. This approach, as stated in the Silks whitepaper, allows players to profit from their in-game exploits.

How NFTs should be used in traditional NFT games

Race prizes are the most common means for players to do so. When a genuine thoroughbred horse wins a race, the owner of the digital Silks horse associated with it receives $STT, Silks’ native transactional token. Silks users will be able to earn prizes by breeding and staking in addition to racing. Furthermore, since Silks horses will be organized as NFTs, owners may be able to profit from secondary market value gains.

Overall, this unique nft games experience is likely to appeal to a wide range of prospective players. Gamers will be able to build sub-communities of like-minded individuals by obtaining Silks avatars and interacting with other players. Finally, because of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) process used to authenticate Silks’ data, mining may be utilized to produce rewards, giving community members another fun option to earn money within the Silks ecosystem.

Decentraland is a very popular P2E metaverse game.

Decentraland is another new NFT initiative that is making waves in the media. Decentraland, which was opened in February 2020, is one of the most well-known instances of a metaverse. Decentraland’s popularity has soared since then, thanks in large part to the innovative method in which the creators have incorporated NFTs into the game.

NFTs are used to organize virtual land, apparel, and other in-game commodities, allowing Decentraland’s users to build a self-sustaining economy powered by $MANA, Decentraland’s transactional currency. Players may also make money by making wise use of their virtual property, with in-game advertising being one of the most common methods. Finally, the participatory aspect of Decentraland’s universe makes it simple for users to develop friendships and connect on social networking networks.

Chosen Ones — An Auto-Battler Game with P2E Elements in the Works

The Binance Smart Chain is the foundation for the future P2E game Chosen Ones. The Chosen Ones team hopes to merge NFT artwork and ‘auto-battler’ components into an entertaining nft games experience using Unity, a widely utilized game engine. The game is being developed by Fork nft games, which has built a solid name in the business since launching Latin America’s biggest Esports brand.