Axie Infinity Token, Guide, and Marketplace
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Axie Infinity Token, Guide, and Marketplace

The Axie Infinity environment has two significant tokens within the game. These are the AXS and the SLP, which contain the core information that each game principle hinges on. The AXS stands for Axie Infinity Shard, while SLP stands for Smooth Love Potion. As for the AXS, it is used to breed axies and for staking the rewards that the player deserves. It may also have some other particular uses.

On the other hand, the SLP is the more critical token because it is the actual reward earned from playing Axie Infinity. Then, in using scholarships, the player must gain and share SLPs. Therefore, this token is also very useful in inbreeding. It can be traded for real money or even sold outrightly.

A game player can earn from playing this game, and making SLP depend on your performance. For instance, an average player on a scholarship can earn between 150 and 200 SLP in a single day. Afterward, he and the account owner can now share the profits at a predetermined rate, 60/40% or 70/30%. The most important part of the deal is that the player must be good enough to earn so much value to share.

Furthermore, the player on scholarship must also continue to save up to own his own axies and play for himself. Besides, the scholarship also brings the axies together for the winning team. In other words, if you play the game for 30 days, then you can earn up an estimate of 175 SLP * 30 days * 0.6 (60%) = 3,150 SLP monthly.

As for the current price of $0.135 for each SLP token, the implication is that you can make up to $425 USB worth of earnings per month. However, it is equivalent to 20,000 Philippine Pesos. You can check some real-life Axie Infinity examples at

Axie Infinity Play Guide

Perhaps, you are all ready to take the bull by the horn and try out the Axie Infinity game by yourself. However, you may feel that you don’t yet know everything you would like about how the game works. Check out some of our other articles that address that. However, when working through Discord Chanel, you need to devise the right strategy to browse. The resources of Discord are also available online.

Furthermore, while some users may earn up to 600 SLP in a single day, it is possible through a deep dive into the game metrics. In addition, every successful game player must have taken their time to do all it takes to achieve a high win rate. Moreover, in your pursuit to reach the desired height, you need to practice the following essential steps.

  • You need to be perfect with the daily quests and steadily earn from them. Winning the daily quests can fetch you up to 50 SLP per day, having 24 hours period. The best approach to winning the daily quests is to complete a daily check-in and complete the 10 adventure mode levels attached. Finally, you need to win the 5 arena matches per day, learn more about SLP by clicking here
  • You should not spend more than 10 energy on your adventures and another 10 points on the arena to get the optimum use of all your resources. Let this carry on for the first two weeks of playing this game. Meanwhile, as you continue to level up your game, you will increase your chances to advance in the game. Moreover, it further helps to earn more SLP after the end of each day for the first few weeks of playing the game.
  • You can earn up to 100 SLP when playing in the adventure mode per day. Meanwhile, levels 15 to 36 give the players the maximum SLP rewards. But it takes a little while before you can reach this point. A the same time, you can win level 21 and earn up to 200 SLP. When you complete level 36, you can earn an additional 300 SLP as a one-time bonus.
  • The last tip for achieving this feat is to complete the daily quest and spend the rest of your energy at that mode on the arena. This strategy also ensures that you maximize the SLP earnings you make and increase your potential after getting off the game after a few weeks.

The Axie Infinity Marketplace

Of all the phases of the Axie Infinity, the marketplace is inarguably the number one place every new player must be familiar with. The Axie Infinity marketplace represents the base for all the items and rewards for all your effort playing this game. Over 30 days, the marketplace has experienced a trading volume rise beyond USD 110 million while selling over 400,00 axies to different buyers and game players.

Furthermore, the marketplace’s primary purpose is to buy or sell axies since that is the exchange unit in the game environment. Moreover, the marketplace takes a 4.25% fee when selling off axies. By implication, your team must have lost close to USD 5 million in revenue of axies only throughout June. In addition, the scholars may not typically expect to use the marketplace except they earn through the SLP and wants to buy their own team.

Cashing Out your SLP

After earning your SLP rewards, the next thing you probably want to know is how to cash out on your SLP. This team is also working on the decentralized exchange platform directly linked to Ronin. It is also suitable for users to swap between AXS, SLP, and ETH tokens. Besides, each transaction costs about 100 free transactions each day while having some very slippery costs.


In conclusion, we strongly recommend that you cash out your SLP earnings while having the potential for the best yield. In addition to the available resources, the Axie Infinity game has terrific stuff for players to establish and make an earning.