Axie Infinity Earnings: Real-Life Examples
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Axie Infinity Earnings: Real-Life Examples

There is no doubt that some top countries that earn hugely from playing the axie infinity include the Philippines, Brazil, and Venezuela. So, while we mention these countries and how many of their citizens have discovered a good source of income, we should give case studies. Or instead, bring up some real-life examples of who made a living off playing the Axie Infinity.

Our goal is not only to inspire you to try it out but to give you room to build your own adventure. Perhaps, yours can be our next story! In our story today, we will discuss how two Filipino guys named John and Kael started playing axie infinity and built wealth around it.

John’s Story on Axie Infinity

One of the players was named John from Cabanatuan City of Nueva Ecija. This guy studied Business Administration from college and enjoyed playing video games. When the pandemic struck the world, he could not find a befitting job, and as a result, he stayed at home. But while discussing with one of his cousins, this other guy introduced him to the Axie Infinity game and how to earn income. John went back to save some money to buy Axies and got started.

However, while trying to begin the game, Joh discovered that it may take time to build a formidable team. Therefore, he chose to apply for one of the scholarship programs managed by Kookoo. And since he started playing the game around the first week in October, he has discovered amazing things. Now, John can fend for his family in terms of finances.

Kael’s Story of the Axie Infinity

Before the pandemic struck, Kael owned a simple food business within the San Franscisco Village of Muzon, Taytay, Rizal. But when the fear of Covid-19 became more and more prominent and worse cases were reported, he had to close down his business. This closure of his business meant that he lost up to 3 months of business running that would have brought him profit. Moreover, only a tiny budget was left to restart the company when the pandemic was over. But then, who knew how long the pandemic lockdown was going to last?

One sure thing that Kael knew was that he was not going to just be lazy around; he had to find something doing. Moreover, it cannot just be anything, but it has to be some venture worth the time, bringing enough profit. He determined to find a way to generate enough income for his family to survive in the new situation.

While checking his Facebook account, Kael found a post regarding Axie Infinity that was too good to be true. He decided to give it a shot by investing about PHP3.5k worth of Axies into the official marketplace business. At this point, he didn’t really have any idea about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry. He only wanted to explore as much as possible and hoped to profit from his investment.

After a couple of weeks of playing the game, Kael not only got back his entire initial capital. But he was also able to clear his bills and buy enough food for his family. Again, while he was playing the game, he made some new friends who helped him maximize his profits by selling off his earned SLP and event eh breeding Axies for more income.

What are Axie’s Scholarships?

In John’s case, we mentioned Axie’s Scholarships. But what are they, and how can they work in this gratifying, fun game. Of course, I got more curious to learn more because John started with nothing by joining the scholarship plan and still earned enough from the competition. I also know that many would-be players out there might feel they may not have enough money to buy the game and start playing. learn more about Axie’s Scholarships at

After researching the existence of this scholarship and how it can help you achieve great results, I encountered Kookoo, who was willing to help. He currently lives in Cebu and manages several small groups of scholars. He started playing Axie Infinity on August 29 and helped other fellow community members find their way. Therefore, he attained the Axie Angel role in the game.

Furthermore, Kookoo currently tutors up to five different scholars and onboard users in the Yield Guild Games (YGG). The YGG is an example of the Guild where players can develop their skills and use them on the whole game to win battles and quests. Kookoo even testified that he started profiting from his program by first acquiring SLPs for the breeding hobby.

This process can be done without buying or doing the process by yourself. In addition, the will to provide immense opportunities for the people meant that he could freely play the game and earn. In addition, his Axie Angel status also told that he could teach more people about the game and how he is making profits. Therefore, he started a YouTube channel that could save him and the new players some time tutoring each new player from scratch.

How to Cash out on Axie Infinity

You may want to ask where all the players are cashing out their earnings after playing the Axie Infinity. Currently, many of these players use the platform because it is easy to use and supports the cashing in and out process. You can also use the platform to pay bills and transfer resources from one user to another.

Another alternative is BloomX, a registered company in the Philippines and Singapore. This company also currently expanded its services into the Axie Infinity PH community. Therefore, it is also an excellent choice for making direct profits from Axie infinity and converting it to real money. For instance, BloomX is a platform where you can use the flat on the off-ramp and other essential services. Their standard services include technical, consulting, and advisory on blockchain technology development. Click here to learn more about BloomX.


In conclusion, earning from the axie infinity is as accurate as any ‘real’ deal can get. Therefore, it is high time you invest in this game in either of the two options we have provided and enjoy. Feel free to let us know your experience on Axie Infinity.

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